Dr Johan Glimming

CEO / CTO at Functor AB & Researcher at Uppsala University, Sweden


I am CEO/CTO at Functor AB but also a researcher with two on-going  research projects with the Swedish Research Council (VR). The first associated to University of Cambridge (fellowship for two years) and the latter to Uppsala University (Department of Mathematics and and Department of Information Technology). 

The first project is quite theoretical in its nature. It's aim is to improve our understanding of mixed forms of recursion and corecursion. I am studying in particular the notion of arrows and Freyd categories, but I am also researching Martin-Löf type theory and category theoretic semantics of object calculi. I received my PhD from Stockhom University in the department CSC at KTH Osquar's Backe and have since then had some different research positions and fellowships. My academic background also includes a reasonable amount of teaching, including in advanced functional programming and most recently object-oriented analysis & design. My most recent work is a paper on "Parametric Direcursion" which is as of yet unpublished, and work on "Distributive Laws for Arrows" which aims at parameterising iteration by arrows (joint work in progress, with Marcelo Fiore, Cambridge).

Research Interests

  • Constructive mathematics, constructive programming with software engineering methods, programming language semantics and design, object models etcetera.
  • Axiomatic domain theory, currently iteration with arrows (Freyd categories / generalizing monads and comonads)
  • Category theory within computer science, logic, type theory
  • Mathematical semantics of programs and programming languages, program logic
  • Martin-Löf type theory especially interaction and component models with applications to programming
  • Object calculi (Abadi and Cardelli), e.g. full abstraction results and category-theoretic models


  • BSc, Computer Science, Uppsala University
  • MSc, Maths Institute, University of Oxford
  • PhD, CSD, Stockholm University / Royal Institute of Technology
  • Researcher, Åbo Akademi, Finland
  • Research Fellow, Computing Laboratory, University of Cambridge
  • Research Associate, Darwin College, University of Cambridge
  • Researcher, Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University
  • Researcher, Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University


See University of Cambridge web site & LinkedIn.

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